International Conference on Women in STEM

Women: Global Leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

WISE Nepal has successfully hosted the International Conference on Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) on September 20th 2019.

Conference Proceeding Report Available Here!

Details of International Conference:

DayPreliminary time tableProgramme AgendaResponsiblesModeration and Facilitation
Day 1 (19 Sept)Arrival of International participants Pre-registration, welcome drinks, conference kits to international participantsWISE Nepal, Hotel Ambassador and participants
Day 2
(20 Sept)
9:00-10:40Inaugural SessionWISE NepalModeration by Ms. Shradha Sharma
9:00-9:30Registration and hi-tea WISE Nepal and participants
9:30-9:35Seating – participants and invited guests WISE Nepal Distinguished guests
9:35-9:40Welcome address and objective of conferenceWISE Nepal
Inauguration and objectives of INWES-APNNDr. Jung Sung Kim, INWES Vice President (Distinguished guest)
9:50-10:00Inaugural Speech: Women in STEM Prof. Emeritus. Chia-Li Wu, APNN Chair (Distinguished Guest)
10:00-10:10Inaugural Speech: Women in STEMMs. Stine Heiselberg, Head of Office, UN Resident Coordinator’s Office Nepal (Distinguished Guest)
10:10-10:20Inaugural Speech: Women in STEMMs. Lisa Honan, Head of DFID Office in Nepal (Distinguished Guest)
10:20-10:30Inaugural speech: Women in STEM (NAST perspective, TBC)Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha, Vice Chancellor, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
10:30-10:40Final remarks and keynote address: Gender inclusion in STEM for vibrant economic and equitable developmentHonourable Ms. Bimala Rai Poudyal, (National Assembly Member of Nepal –Distinguished Guest)
10:40-11:15Conclusion of Inaugural Session with a tea -Break
11:15-12:15A: Addressing gender barriers in
STEM education and career
Paper presentersSession chairing by Dr. Jung Sun Kim, INWES Board Member, Korean Women Scientists and Engineers
11:15-11:25Gender inclusion in technical and vocational education system with an introduction of dual vocational and technical education in NepalDr. Usha Bhandari, Technical and Vocational Education Training Specialist, Nepal
11:25-11:35Ensuring Gender Equality in Family Dr. Chadraabal Otgonbayar
Associate Professor, Head of Training Department. Mongolian National Defense University
11:35-11:45Gender barriers in STEM – Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Kanti Shrestha from NAST
11:45-11:55Work style reform and women’s career promotion as a national policy and efforts to practical solutions in Companies Ms. Rie Yamaguchi, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Japan
Japan Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
11:55-12:15Q & A session and closing this thematic discussionSession chair/Moderator to do this
12:15-13:00Lunch break
13:00-15:30Women as global players in various areas of STEM (technical papers)
13:00-14:20B: Women in Natural Science (agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, environment, water resources, energy, climate change, disaster management etc.)Paper presentersDr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, President - NEA and Professor, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus to chair and facilitate the session
13:00-13:10Gender inclusion in natural resource management and agricultureMs. Yamuna Ghale, Senior Agriculture Specialist, Nepal
13:10-13:20Unravelling gender exclusion in water sector Ms. Gitta Shrestha, Senior Research Officer, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
13:20-13:30Gender relations and the management of agricultural water and land in the collective farms in NepalMs. Manita Raut, Research Officer, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
13:30-13:40Forest and Water Resources Governance: Women Leadership matters Dr. Bharat Pokharel, Country Director, Helvetas Nepal Country Office
13:40-13:50Farm animal biodiversity and the role of women in the conservation and sustainable use of livestock biodiversity in VietnamProf. Le Thi Thuy. PhD. President of Vietnam Animal Science and Technology Institute-AHAV;
Vice Chief of Science & amp; Technology Committee of Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women (VAFIW), Vietnam
13:50-14:00Increasing women’s participation in STEM: Experiences in the water sector in South AsiaProf. Vishal Narain,
Public Policy and Governance
Management Development Institute
14:00-14:20Q & A of the session and closing this thematic discussionSession chair/Moderator to facilitate and close the session
14:20-15:10C: Women in Information and communication technologyPaper PresentersMs. Bridgit Sissons, Engineers New Zealand will chair and facilitate the session
14:20-14:30Go Go Giwas 3D Animation Series: A Way to Encourage More Girls to STEM Ms. Li Yu Fu, Taiwan
14:30-14:40Screening Animations of Women in STEM to Elementary Students: the StrategiesMs. Ming-Hsiu Mia Chen, Taiwan
14:40-14:50Women in cyber resiliency and security : experience in NepalMs. Mona Nyachhon Gopaju, Chief Executive Officer LogPoint, Nepal
14:50-15:10Q & A of the session and closing this thematic discussionSession chair/Moderator to facilitate and close the session
15:40-17:40D: Women in construction, rural transport research and engineeringPaper PresentersMs. Emily Tan, Consultant, Highway and traffic Engineer from Singapore to chair and facilitate the session
15:40-15:50Transforming gender relations in the trail bridge programme: analysis of policies and programmeMs. Ansu Tumbahangfe, Monitoring Specialist, Trail Bridge Programme, Helvetas Nepal
15:50-16:00Women Leadership in Emergencies: Opportunities and challengesMs Megh Ranjani Rai, Technical Specialist in Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response
16:00-16:10Women in reconstruction:Scenario, issues and challengesMr. Sujit Maharjan, Program Manager, Habitat for Humanity Nepal
16:10-16:20Discussions on overcoming gender barriers focusing on women in construction in NepalAr. Chand Mala Shrestha, Chief,
Implementation and Co-ordination Section
National Pride Project
Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal,
Joint Treasurer, Nepal Engineers Association
16:20-16:40Q & A of the session and closing this thematic discussionSession chair/Moderator to facilitate and close the session
16:40-17:40Plenary session of all three sub-thematic sessions and conclusive pointers Facilitators/chairs of each session will present the summary of presenters and make their conclusive remarks Conclusion of technical sessions
17:40-18:00 Closing of the conference
Closing speeches
(5 mins each)
INWES Vice Chair, APNN Chair and other distinguished invitees
Vote of thanks WISE Nepal
18:30-20:30Gala dinner/NetworkingAt the Garden or Durbar Hall of Hotel Shanker - hosted by WISE Nepal
Note: The one day International Conference on Women in STEM was held in Kailash Hall of Hotel Shanker.