International Networking

WISE Nepal is a member of International Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES), a voluntary international network of women engineers and scientists from all over the world. It is also a member of Asia Pacific Nations Network (APNN), an Asia-Pacific chapter of INWES. As part of networking for knowledge sharing and advocacy, WISE Nepal members represent in various national and international fora to share its activities and experiences with other professionals and like-minded members from around the world. Following are some of the key networking activities where WISE Nepal Members are involved in:

Regional Webinar on “COVID-19 Lockdown effect on status of Women scientists”.

Wise Nepal chair Ms. Jun Hada participated in the regional webinar on the theme entitled ”CoVID-19 lockdown effect on the status of women scientists” as one of the panelists. The webinar was jointly organized by Women Scientists Forum Nepal (WSFN) and Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) on 19th July 2020 . Ms. Hada shared with the participants on how women engineers are impacted in Nepal through her presentation entitled ” Gendered Impacts of CoVID 19: Perspectives of Nepali Women Engineers and Practitioners ”. The discussion brought about the issues of improving basic hygiene behaviour, setting examples for – allowing flexible working hours, gender balanced distribution of household care works, gender responsive transport system during CoVID 19 and post Covid 19 situations etc. The webinar was participated by more than 60 men and women scientists from South Asia region.  

Young Women Scientists Camp (YWS Camp), South Korea

WISE Nepal sends two young Nepali women graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to participate in YWS camp, which is held in South Korea every year by Korean Women Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) since year 2013. The criteria for selection are: graduate of STEM with minimum of two years of professional experiences STEM, below 35 years of age, relevant topic of presentation. The final selection is done by KWSE. Till now, 10 young Nepali women professionals in STEM have benefited from participating in the YWS camp programme.

Meeting of Asia & Pacific Women in Science and Technology (MAPWIST) Policy Forum

Meeting of Asia & Pacific Women in Science and Technology (MAPWIST) Policy Forum is held once in every two years by Korean Women Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) by inviting members of APNN and others to share their experiences in advocating for gender inclusive policies in STEM in their respective nations. WISE Nepal has been invited to speak on Nepal’s experiences on gender inclusive policies in STEM education in the past two MAPWiST forum in 2014 and 2016.

Asia Pacific Nations Network (APNN) Annual General Meeting

WISE Nepal has been actively participating in APNN meetings held annually in different countries in Asia and Pacific on a rotational basis since 2013. The APNN discusses the various country level issues in gender barriers and share among the member countries appropriate measures to overcome such barriers. It also increases professional networking between the members of different APNN member countries.

BIEN 2013 and BIEN 2017

WISE Nepal nominated 3 young women achievers to participate and share professional papers on STEM fields – in the International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers conference on Bio-technology, Information Technology, Environment/Energy/Earth Science Technology, Nano and Space technology (BIEN) held in South Korea in the years 2013 and 2017.

The WISE Nepal executive committee members upon requests by the organizers of BIEN, mentored the young women scientists in developing their career goals and visions during the conference.

NWES regional conferences and International Conference on Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES 2015, 2017)

WISE Nepal members participated in various INWES regional and global conferences. They shared their experiences on gender barriers and gender inclusive development practices in Nepal with the international participants.