About Us

Women Scientists and Engineers in Nepal (WISE NEPAL) is a non-profit distributing organization formed by a group of female engineering professionals in Nepal in 2016 A.D. It started as an informal network initially in the year 2013 with seven female engineers on board. In the recent times, its members have grown to represent engineers and science professionals from diverse sectors including buildings, roads, bridges, natural sciences – water resource, climate change, health science etc.

The goal of WISE Nepal is that women scientists and engineers in Nepal will have better prospects through their active involvement and participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Further, WISE-NEPAL has focused its activities to achieve following specific objectives as:To take advantage of increased networking and knowledge sharing for their professional development in science and engineering related fields.To advocate for inclusive and women friendly policies in their workplaces.To encourage girls in science, technology and engineering fields of study.